TRAVENTURIA Ltd., registered in Sofia, license № 10601 for international transportion of passengers, which publishes on the site information about the services offered, provides information and runs bus transportation of passengers through the site.


These general terms and conditions for the use of the reservation system for the sale of bus tickets for passenger transportion on domestic routes, served by Traventuria Ltd., settle the relationship between customers of the system (hereinafter referred to as CUSTOMER) and Traventuria Ltd. as the owner of the system.
Below in the text “CLIENT” will be called anyone who has purchased tickets for the transportation of passengers on the domestic routes of Traventuria Ltd. personally for themselves or for third parties related to the orderer, on their behalf.

Through these general conditions the CLIENT will receive information about the work with the system for online reservations, about the reservation and payment of a bus ticket, about receiving a confirmation of the reservation, and leaving the system, etc.


“Ticket” – a valid travel document or other proof of a contract of transportation.
“Two-way ticket” – a valid document for passenger transportation in two directions in the same route.
“Revalidation” – change of date and/ or time for travel.
“Cancellation” – refusal to travel.
“Fiscal ticket” – a valid travel document issued through a fiscal device, having the necessary financial details to the authorities exercising control.
“Blank ticket” – a valid travel document, which is not issued by a fiscal device, but has all the necessary details.


The CLIENT has the right to use the services for ticket sales on, owned by Traventuria Ltd. in accordance with the requirements of these General Terms.
The CLIENT bears personal responsibility before the law for all actions performed during the use of the online ticket system at
By using the reservation system of Traventuria Ltd. the CLIENT agrees to provide their personal data, agreeing with the provisions described in the GDPR.
With these general terms and conditions, each CLIENT agrees to comply with the anti-epidemic measures imposed by the official authorities and additional ones (if imposed) by Traventuria Ltd., in connection with COVID-19, when in a closed public place, including vehicles and offices of Traventuria Ltd. In case of non-compliance with these anti-epidemic measures, Traventuria Ltd. has the right to refuse the provision of a service, and the amount paid for the same service is not refundable.


Through its bus ticket sales system, Traventuria Ltd. offers bus ticket sales services for its domestic routes but does not undertake to provide assistance in using the system.
The information provided by is the property of Traventuria Ltd. The use of content published on the website by third parties is subject to a written agreement with Traventuria Ltd.
The information provided in the bus arrival timetables published on is approximate.
Traventuria Ltd. has the right to refuse to take on board passengers who, at the discretion of the driver of the vehicle and/or another representative of Traventuria Ltd. are in a visibly intoxicated state and/or under the influence of prohibited substances, as well as persons whose behavior endangers life and/or the health of the other passengers and/or the driver. In these cases, the amount paid for the same service is not refundable.
Traventuria Ltd. reserves the right to change the place reserved on the bus without notice due to circumstances beyond the control of the carrier.
Complaints are valid only in writing to, made within 30 days from the date of travel, together with a copy of the travel ticket. Complaints will not be considered without providing a ticket. Complaints not in written form are not considered.
Every passenger who buys a ticket from Traventuria Ltd. is insured within the trip for the risk of “Accident”.


Bus ticket could be bought only when the customer completes the following steps (in the following or different order, according to the design of the reservation system).
The customer specifies the type of ticket – one-way or roundtrip.
The customer picks up the initial and the final point of the trip.
The customer specifies the date/dates of the travel.
The customer specifies the number of travelers, for whom the reservation is made.
The customer fills up all the required information for the other travelers on the trip such as:
Names, birth date, email, phone number in all compulsory fields.
The customer has read and agrees with Traventuria Ltd. General Terms and Conditions.
The customer pays with a credit/debit card for the selected services. Traventuria Ltd does not have access to the customers’ credit/debit card details.
When the payment is successful the customer receives the reservation/ticket confirmation number on the email provided. If the payment is unsuccessful the reservation is kept active for 30 minutes. After the expiry time, if possible an employee from Traventuria Ltd might contact the customer, in order to provide support, otherwise the reservation will be automatically canceled.
The customer is obligated to show printed reservation/ticket confirmation (or online PDF confirmation document) to the driver of the vehicle.
The confirmation is being sent to the specified customer email address. The booking of the seats is made only when the reservation is fully paid and the confirmation is received.
In order to receive the discounts provided by Traventuria Ltd., each CLIENT must, upon request from an employee of Traventuria Ltd, provide document(s) certifying the reason for a price reduction. In case of non-provision of such document/s. Traventuria Ltd. may ask the CLIENT to pay the difference in the ticket to its full value. In case of refusal to pay, Traventuria Ltd. reserves the right to refuse the provision of transport services.
By purchasing a transport document, the CLIENT accepts the general conditions completely and without exceptions!


It is the responsibility of the CLIENT to provide all the information concerning the trip before purchasing a ticket.
The indication of incorrect or incomplete data by the passenger will make the purchase of the ticket invalid. In these cases, Traventuria Ltd. is not responsible for the purchase of a bus ticket and the implementation of the transport.
The validity of a purchased return ticket is 6 /six/ months, starting from the first date of travel


CLIENTS who have purchased bus tickets through have the right to:
To revalidate the ticket (to change the date and time of travel) – only if there are free seats for the desired new date and time. The change can be made only upon prior request to and written consent (via e-mail from from Traventuria Ltd. For this purpose, the CLIENT must present the reservation number.
The revalidation is carried out under the following conditions:
1. In case of a written wish for re-certification of within 10 minutes after departure from the respective stop – the CLIENT does not owe a penalty taxes;
2. More than 10 minutes after departure from the respective stop – the ticket is considered used and is not subject of revalidation;
3. Only one re-verification per direction is allowed.
The customer can cancel the ticket (cancellation of the trip) under the following conditions:
1. Over 72 hours before departure from the respective stop the CLIENT has stated a written wish to refuse to use the service of Traventuria Ltd. refunds the CLIENT 90% of the ticket price;
2. From 71 hours and 59 minutes to 24 hours before departure from the respective stop, the CLIENT has stated a written wish to refuse to use the service of Traventuria Ltd. refunds 50% of the ticket price;
3. Less than 24 hours before departure from the respective stop- the ticket is considered used and no refunds are made;
A re-certified ticket is not subject to cancellation.
A return ticket is considered as a whole. If the ticket is used in one direction, the second can only be revalidated, according to the conditions for revalidation, but not canceled.
In case of cancellation of the trip, the amount for each paid online reservation is refunded by card, according to the conditions for cancellation of the trip and cancellation, and within 10 /ten/ working days from the date of cancellation of the ticket. The receipt of the amounts from cancellation is determined by the banking conditions of the bank issuing the card of the CLIENT and are not subject to the activity of Traventuria Ltd.


The ticket is a contract for transportation of a passanger/s between the passenger themselves and the carrier. The carrier bears responsibilities according to art. 42 – art. 48 of the Road Transport Act.
Traventuria Ltd. provides bus transportation on the specified route against the ticket purchased by the CLIENT.
The carrier is not responsible for changes and delays in the schedule, in cases of circumstances that the carrier can not foresee and/ or prevent such as strikes, congestion, bad weather, accidents, technical accident with the vehicle on the road, and others.
In case the trip is not made due to the fault of the company carrier, Traventuria Ltd. refunds to the CLIENT 100% of the value of the ticket for the failed section.
Traventuria Ltd. is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen luggage.


The CLIENT is obliged to check the correctness of the data in his reservation/ on his ticket. Traventuria Ltd. has no obligation to the CLIENT to correct errors after the contract has been concluded.
The CLIENT is responsible for maintaining the integrity of his ticket until the arrival of the endpoint of the trip. Traventuria Ltd. is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged tickets. Duplicate tickets are not issued.
The CLIENT bears full financial responsibility for the damage caused by him to the vehicle.
Children under the age of 14 are not allowed in the vehicles of Traventuria Ltd. without an adult companion.
The CLIENT is obliged to show up on time to use the service he has paid for, planning a sufficient advance before the scheduled time of departure of the bus (when he does not get off from its first stop). In case of non-appearance (ie the physical absence of the passenger, or his arrival after the departure of the bus) Traventuria Ltd. does not refund amounts and does not re-certify tickets.


The ticket prices published by Traventuria Ltd. on are in Bulgarian levs, VAT included.
Traventuria Ltd. reserves the right to change the prices announced on without being obliged to provide CLIENTS with prior notice.
If the price of the price list of Traventuria Ltd. for passenger transport is changed, then this price is written on the ticket/ reservation of the CLIENT at the time of purchase of the ticket.
Children up to 7 years travel for free. For children up to 7 years of age, a copy of the birth certificate may be required. For children between the ages of 7 and 12, it is possible to request a student card.


The carriage of luggage is restricted according to the Conditions of the Carrier, and if the conditions are violated the carrier may refuse the carriage of luggage or impose additional conditions. The ticket allows you for a certain amount of luggage, namely one hand luggage in the cabin of the bus up to 5 kg and measuring 40 cm x 30 cm x 20 cm. In case you travel with more luggage, you must pay the appropriate fee to the Carrier. Each additional piece of luggage is charged against the obligatory issuance of a fixed voucher.
Traventuria Ltd. is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen luggage.
It is not allowed to carry luggage that does not belong to a passenger in the vehicle.
It is prohibited to carry luggage containing firearms and ammunition, explosives and incendiary substances, smoke bombs and cartridges, dynamite, gunpowder and plastic explosives, mines, grenades, and other containers and devices filled with explosives, detonator capsules, detonators, and wicks. , easily ignited and/or poisonous chemicals fireworks and other pyrotechnic articles, narcotic drugs, narcotics, psychotropic substances and/or their analogs, as well as precursors or equipment and materials for the production of narcotic substances, articles, and substances which, by their nature or packaging pose a danger to the life and health of passengers on the bus, movable cultural monuments for which no permit, certificate or other document certifying the right to store, use and transfer, religious materials of banned or unregistered sects and organizations, excise goods with unpaid excise duty, excise goods /such as cigarettes and alcohol/ with paid excise duty, but above the quantitative limits for personal use determined by law, all types of skimming devices for ATMs, prohibited by law, any other goods and substances prohibited by law.


Traventuria Ltd. allows only the transportation of guide dogs accompanying a passenger with a disability.