Traventuria Ltd. is responsible for the personal data of its customers. The protection of your personal information is important to us. Protection is also governed by the Personal Data Act, which has been replaced by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of 25 May 2018. Below you can read about how we process your personal data and what rights you have.
The purpose of this information is to bring to the attention of the CLIENT and the persons who use the services of Traventuria Ltd. for passenger transport, the General Terms, and Conditions of the company. The service is requested through the online system personally by the client or for third parties related to the ordering party, on their behalf. Below we call these persons “Clients” in general. When the CLIENT requests passenger transport services on behalf of and for the benefit of other entities, he provides personal data about them. The Client undertakes to inform these subjects of the present conditions.
1. Categories of processed personal data
Traventuria Ltd. collects and processes personal data to the extent necessary to carry out the company’s activities in order to provide high-quality service. When using the online reservation system for the sale of bus tickets on regular passenger transport lines of Traventuria Ltd., it processes the following personal data:
– identifying information: name and surname; date of birth; IP address;
– contact information: e-mail address; phone number;
– data related to customer habits and preferences;
– data related to the use of services provided by Traventuria Ltd. (discount cards, advertising messages);
– data collected through customer visits to the websites owned by Traventuria Ltd;
Traventuria Ltd. uses on its web-based platforms, including an online reservation system for ticket sales, the so-called. Cookies. These are small files that are stored on the user’s disk and that store certain settings and data for communication with the system through the browser. Some of the cookies used by Traventuria Ltd. are deleted after the end of each browser session (so-called “cookies” for individual sessions). Others remain on the device with which the system was visited and allow the browser to be recognized on the next visit (so-called persistent cookies). This helps to build the website in an appropriate way and for the opportunity for Traventuria Ltd. to offer an easier way to use it. Different browsers, in their settings, allow users to impose restrictions on the use and deletion of cookies. Refusal or restriction of the use of cookies may prevent the use of the web services provided by Traventuria Ltd., including the online system for the sale of bus tickets for the transport of passengers on regular lines of Traventuria Ltd.
2. Grounds and purposes for personal data processing
Traventuria Ltd. collects, stores, and uses personal data about customers on any of the following grounds, in order to achieve any of the following goals:
A) Fulfillment of legal and regulatory obligations
Traventuria Ltd. processes personal data about the Clients in order to fulfill its legal and regulatory obligations related to the provided services, namely:
– carrying out transport on regular bus lines on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria;
– compliance with legislation related to sanctions and/or security measures;
– a response to a formal request from a duly authorized public or judicial body;
B) Execution of a contract concluded with and for the benefit of the Clients
Traventuria Ltd. processes personal data for concluding and fulfilling the contracts for transportation and fulfillment of its rights and obligations according to these General Terms and Conditions such as:
– establishes relations with new Clients;
– concludes, amends, executes, and terminates contracts;
– provides discounts;
– communicates with clients;
C) Objectives related to the interests of Traventuria Ltd.
– internal reporting;
– collection of receivables;
– performing an inspection in case of complaints;
If Traventuria Ltd has to process information for purposes other than those mentioned above, Traventuria Ltd will inform the Clients in order to obtain their consent.
In case of failure to provide some or all of the personal data required during the booking process, Traventuria Ltd. may be unable to provide the requested service, as a result of which to refuse its implementation.
3. Categories of recipients of personal data
In order to fulfill its goals, Traventuria Ltd. discloses personal data to customers of:
– providers who provide services on behalf of Traventuria Ltd. in order to use the online system for the sale of bus tickets for passenger transport on regular lines of Traventuria Ltd.
– independent agents or intermediaries in order to use the online system for the sale of bus tickets for the transport of passengers on regular lines of Traventuria Ltd.;
– trade partners in order to use the online system for the sale of bus tickets for passenger transport on regular lines of Traventuria Ltd .;
– public or judicial bodies, upon request, in and to the extent permitted by law;
– other administrators on whose behalf Traventuria Ltd processes personal data or who are joint administrators with Traventuria Ltd;
– persons who provide services for the provision and maintenance of equipment, software, and hardware used for processing (including storage) of personal data, for reporting payments, etc.
4. Transfer of personal data outside the European Economic Area (EEA)
Traventuria Ltd. may carry out international transfers of data originating in the EEA when the European Commission has recognized a non-EEA country as providing the appropriate level of data protection. For transfers to non-EEA countries whose level of protection is not recognized by the European Commission, Traventuria Ltd will also invoke a certain derogation applicable to the specific situation under the Regulation (eg if the transfer is necessary for the performance of Traventuria Ltd’s contract for passenger transport) or will apply any of the guarantees provided by the applicable legislation. In other cases for transfer of personal data outside the EEA, this is done on the basis of explicit consent of the Clients for the proposed transfer of data
5. Period of storage of personal data
Traventuria Ltd. retains personal data about the Clients for the length of the periods necessary either to comply with applicable laws and regulations, or another period in accordance with the requirements applicable to the activities of Traventuria Ltd. The processing of personal data is based on the principle of minimizing the data, depending on the purposes of providing the services used by the respective Client and the use of the online system of Traventuria Ltd. for purchasing tickets. Part of the data may be stored after the completion of the service requested by the Client for the purposes of providing discounts to regular customers, for the implementation of legal obligations of Traventuria Ltd., or for the purposes of the legitimate interests of the company.
6. Clients’ rights in connection with the protection of personal data and the manner of exercising these rights
The client is entitled to:
– information when collecting personal data from him or from third parties;
– the right of access to their personal data, in particular: confirmation of whether personal data about him are processed by Traventuria Ltd .; (ii). providing access to the data through – a copy of the data that are in the process of processing, as well as information about the purposes of the processing; the categories of personal data; the recipients or categories of recipients to whom the personal data are or will be disclosed; the terms for storage of personal data; the existence of a right to rectify or delete personal data, or to restrict the processing of personal data, or to object to the processing; the right to appeal to a Supervisory Body (which in the Republic of Bulgaria is the CPDP); sources of personal data; the existence of automated decision making, including profiling;
– right of correction – to require the correction or completion of his personal data, if they are inaccurate or incomplete;
– the right to delete personal data when the grounds provided for in the applicable legislation are present;
– the right to restrict processing;
– right to data portability;
– right to object;
– it’s right not to be the subject of a decision based solely on automated processing, including profiling, which gives rise to legal effects or otherwise significantly affects it;
– giving, changing, or withdrawing consent for the processing of personal data when the basis for the processing is his consent;
Clients can exercise their rights by submitting a written application to Traventuria Ltd., in one of the following ways:
-personally, by a legal representative or through a representative authorized by a notarized power of attorney, in the office of Traventuria Ltd., located at Sofia, 54 Gorski Patnik Str., after the identification of the applicant or his representative by an employee of Traventuria Ltd .;
– by e-mail to the personal data protection official through a qualified electronic signature, according to the Electronic Document and Electronic Certification Services Act;
– by mail with the sending of a notarized application, in order to ensure identification of the applicant.
7. Amendments on Personal Data Protection
Traventuria Ltd. informs the interested parties about any significant changes to these conditions through its website.
8. Contact with Traventuria Ltd. on issues of personal data protection
In case of questions related to the processing of personal data, according to these General Terms and Conditions, the Clients may contact the Personal Data Protection Officer of Traventuria Ltd. at e-mail: